Social entrepreneurship is in the Wild West phase. There are products and services popping up to take advantage of the fact that being a good global citizen is now a unique value proposition  (go figure). That’s one of the reasons why I started my blog centered on social entrepreneurship and The Social Entrepreneurship Hub.

I need change-makers to have quality information and systems to help them overdetermine for successful social disruption. It’s a personal standard and an imperative that safeguards the stakeholders and the causes that you as social entrepreneurs serve.

These are not only the products that I personally use, but those that return their value 10, 20, or even 100 times. That’s the kind of horsepower you need to sustain your efforts in fighting injustice. With that said, here’s my shortlist of what I think are products so excellent, that you’re not even mad you have to pay.

In the spirit of transparency, those products listed with an * contain sponsored links that help fund my business with affiliate commissions. To learn how you can build a sponsored revenue stream, I wrote a handy blog post on building corporate partnerships that last. Check it out!

Audiobooks.comWhen you’re sidepreneuring before you socialpreneur, you understandably have limited time and likely limited opportunities to read comfortably. That’s why I like to LISTEN to my books while I’m in transit to my day job.

Sure, the man next to me is shouting that someone bumped into him and the lady across the aisle is doing battle with another lady to get that one open seat, but I can use this distracted and often chaotic time to zero in the deep work of building solutions for arts, education, minority success, and STEM.

Listen to audiobooks on your area of social change anywhere an everywhere with audiobooks.com*.