9 Things You Don’t Know About Me But Should

Kat Bloomfield, Chief Innovation Officer at Collaborative Philanthropy Consulting

So, I thought I’d switch gears a bit to share a bit about me. You can’t be expected to really identify with what I have to say if you can’t identify with me, right? With that, here goes!

9. I have always felt a little out of place in the nonprofit world.

When I first began working in nonprofits 7 years ago, I enjoyed thinking of ways to reduce expenses and improve profits. In my mind, running the nonprofit business well would yield greater profits for reinvestment into programs and increased impact for the community. Isn’t that the mission? Somehow, I found myself stymied by politics and reminded that nonprofits weren’t supposed to make profits because they’re nonprofits. I was confused because I thought nonprofit was a tax status, not a business model.

After 7 years, I’ve realized that I’m not wrong, but I fit better in the social enterprise space. When under the umbrella of social enterprise, I’m free to think of both earned income and philanthropic funding systems that work together and match the needs of the organization. Social enterprise has freed me to think big using both my philanthropic relationship-building and business skills, and that’s awesome!

8. I was the first in my family to attend and graduate from both undergraduate and graduate programs.

While this is true, there’s more to the story. I was actually adopted and have 5 siblings from my adopted family where there were 3 White kids and 3 Black kids. I knew there was a reason I always liked black and white cookies … Anyway, of the 6 adopted siblings, I was the first to attend college (Wellesley – Go Blue!) and graduate school (Northeastern – Go Huskies!) even though I was third from the youngest. Having to forge my own path with few role models has given me a very healthy respect and love for education.

The reason why ‘first in the family’ is only sort of true is because I recently found my birth family and discovered that I have 2 brothers older than me. Not only did they attend college, but both played college football, and one even has an MBA in Information Technology. Therefore, I’m sort of the first to attend undergraduate and graduate school and sort of not. But then, that’s the story of my life: being in-between. I’m always the lone nonprofit person in a room full of business people, and the lone business person in a room of nonprofit people.

7. I really love video games, especially strategy and role playing games.

Since I was young, I enjoyed the challenge of video games. I realized that with deliberate practice, I could improve my skills to not only school ANYONE on Super Smash Brothers (Nintendo 64), but to do math or spell better. I was gamifying my school work before it was a thing.

6. I wear colorful clothes.

Why? Because I’m a colorful person.



That’s it?

Yep. I’m also straightforward.

5. I have two cats named Arthur Wesley Dow and Georgia O’Keeffe after my favorite artists of the American Gilded Age.

Pop Art History Lesson If You Didn’t Know: Arthur Wesley Dow was Georgia O’Keeffe’s teacher who taught her the rules of abstraction. He theorized that there were different underlying elements that contributed to beauty, especially those found in nature and wrote several books explaining his ideas. That’s why so many much of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work is of flowers and organic shapes. My cats aren’t flowers, but they do make great organic shapes like the cat loaf.

'I'm Sexy And I Know It' says Georgia, the cat

‘I’m Sexy And I Know It’ says Georgia, the cat.

4. I speak Japanese, but not well.

I studied Japanese in high school for 3 years and college for 2 years for a total of 5 years. I can pretty much write the hiragana and katakana alphabets and say a bunch of random phrases we practiced, including ‘get out of the way’ in a really polite, almost reverential way. Prepare for blank stares past very simple sentences and greetings.

3. I’m afraid of goats.

When I was 4 or 5, I went to a petting zoo with my family. While my parents’ backs were turned, I started petting a pig. It was really cute and had prickly skin. I started feeling my hair being pulled and thought it was my little brother trying to pester me again (he had been really annoying during the car ride to the zoo). Once I couldn’t ignore it anymore, I turned around ready to tell my parents on my brother but came face to face with a set of teeth with my hair gripped tightly and a pair of ominous horizontal eyes. Not only did I proceed to make the biggest commotion I could muster, but I continued to have nightmares for several months after.

Now, I get my revenge when I eat goat curry at my favorite Indian food place in Queens. *evil laugh*

2. Nicki Minaj is my spirit animal.

Yes, she’s controversial, but I love that she is not afraid to be exactly who and what she wants to be. When she really gets upset it’s because someone messed with her business, her image (which IS her business), or her fans, and I respect that. Anytime you see her in an interview where someone tries to bring up her behind, she brings it back to why she’s on the show: to promote her latest fragrance, clothing line, album, whatever and refuses to entertain anything that isn’t about the task at hand. Go on, Nicki! Take care of business!

1. I’m doing a self-imposed 30-day blogging challenge to see if I can provide great content everyday for the entire month of September.

Content marketing has evolved to embody marketing without the qualifier. The best a person can do when they run a business is to be free with their knowledge and add value to the ecosystem in which they reside. There are, of course, paid services, but, in my business, relationships are sacred; they are my currency. I believe that building an initial collaborative relationship shouldn’t cost anyone, especially since the name of my business is Collaborative Philanthropy Consulting.

With that said, let’s start over. My name is Kat Bloomfield, and I collaboratively build networked business models for social enterprises with an eye toward long-term sustainability, culturally responsive communication, and a whole lot of social justice. I look forward to building a relationship with you!

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