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Hey, social change agents!

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Who I am

I have always felt a strong connection to principles of social entrepreneurship because social good and money are not, in fact, opposites. I want to see a world where ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘philanthropist’ mean the same thing, not qualified with ‘social entrepreneur’ or ‘corporate philanthropy’. These new ‘philanthropreneurs’ just generate value for themselves and everyone else.

That’s why I began my social entrepreneurial journey in philanthropy, supporting the missions of game changing organizations like the Wellesley Centers for Women, the New York Hall of Science, and the Tribeca Film Institute over the last 7 years. As the first in my family to attend and graduate from a 4-year institution, I not only graduated from Wellesley College with a dual Bachelors in Media Arts and Sciences and Printmaking, but continued on to receive  a Masters in Nonprofit Management with a concentration in Social Media and Online Communities from Northeastern University.

I currently serve on the New York University Music Experience Design Lab (MusEDLab) Advisory Board, the Ron Brown Scholars Program Advisory Board, and the Bronx Arts Ensemble Board of Directors developing program theories of change, providing board governance training, harnessing the power of mass collaboration via online communities, and supporting fundraising and strategic planning efforts.

Want to know me a bit more? Check out one of my earliest posts – 9 Things You Don’t Know About Me But Should.

What I do

My mission is to bring the world I described above into being by equipping social entrepreneurs with skills and strategies to:

bullet-pointsDevelop and continuously improve individual and corporate unrestricted giving strategy

bullet-pointsProduce highly profitable mission-focused and social media-integrated events

bullet-pointsImplement (deeply engaged and active) board governance best practices

bullet-pointsCreate and manage relationship development systems

bullet-pointsCreate  social science-based theories of change to test and refine programs

bullet-pointsDevelop meaningful and tangible program evaluation metrics

Through Collaborative Philanthropy Consulting (CP), I support the arts, education, minority success, and STEM organizations, regardless of the tax status, in refining systems to support both their financial and social bottom lines. To get a free 1 hour consultation, send me a message at kat@katbloomfield.com.

The Social Entrepreneurship Hub is an online community for individuals to both learn and do their unique brand of social entrepreneurship with an advisory board of other change agents invested in their vision of a better future. Click here to sign up for the Alpha test waiting list.

Through my Social Enterprise Blog, I regularly provide practical articles to help social entrepreneurs and organizations troubleshoot barriers to growth, mission-alignment, and efficacy. Subscribe to get new articles sent directly to your inbox, downloadable  exercises to put theory into practice, and early access to The Social Entrepreneurship Hub.

Who I serve

You want to start more than a business; you want to start a movement. You’ve seen approach after approach fail to make lasting social change due to either a lack of business sense or a lack of true commitment to the overall cause. Through your frustration at the state of affairs, you are no longer afraid to abstain from the current choices to create a new kind of business, a social business. You want your efforts to compound into a better and better vision of the world.

You want to actually solve the world’s most pressing challenges. You want to take the idea of social good as a competitive advantage to its logical conclusion. You are committed to nurturing both the financial bottom line and the social one to create programs, initiatives, products, and services that disrupt the current state of injustice. You recognize that by laser-focusing on social good in addition to profit, you find yourself in the innovator’s dilemma of risking putting yourself ‘out of business’ in your quest to do what’s right. to  to take social good as a competitive advantage to its logical conclusion – recreating the business landscape to care about both the money and the mission.

If you believe in the ultimate money-mission partnership, join me in creating the future of collaborative philanthropy. To get you started, I’ll give you step by step instructions for how to craft your social enterprise mission, vision, and core values, the standards by which you evaluate every decision. What are you waiting for?

Become a change agent!